Leadership / Director's Contact List

  • Below is a listing of departments and their leaders / directors.
    If what you're looking for is not part of this list, please call our main number at 754-321-0000





    Accounting & Financial Reporting Erum Motiwala Director 754-321-2270
    Applied Learning  Susan Cantrick Director 754-321-1859
    Athletics & Student Activities Shawn Cerra Director 754-321-2550
    BECON (Broward Education Communication Network) Rick Reynolds General Manager/Director, BECON 754-321-1000
    Before And After School Child Care Dr. Deborah Gavilan Director 754-321-3330
    Benefits & Employment Services Dr. Dildra Martin-Ogburn Director 754-321-3100
    Bilingual/ESOL Victoria Saldala Director 754-321-2590
    Broward Education Foundation VACANT President/CEO 754-321-2030
    Budget Oleg Gorokhovsky Director 754-321-2248
    Business Applications Edward Hineline Director 754-321-0280
    Business Practices & Performance Improvement Aymara (Amy) Schmidt Director  754-321-1812
    Business Support Center Nell Johnson Director 754-321-0603
    Capital Budget Omar Shim  Director 754-321-2080
    Career,Technical & Adult/Community Education Enid Valdez Director 754-321-8401
    Charter Schools Management/Support Jody A. Perry Director 754-321-2135
    Chief Academic Office Daniel Gohl Chief Academic Officer 754-321-2618
    Chief Auditor Office Patrick O. Reilly  Chief Auditor 754-321-2400
    Chief Building Official  Robert Hamberger Chief Building Officier  754-321-4810
    Chief Fire Official Mary Ann May Chief Fire Official 754-321-4800
    Chief Human Resources & Equity Office Craig Nichols Chief Human Resources & Equity Officer 754-321-1840
    Chief School Performance Accountability Office Dr. Valerie Wanza Chief School Performance & Accountability 754-321-3827
    Chief School Performance Accountability Office Irene Cejka Director 754-321-3822
    Chief School Performance Accountability Office Carletha Shaw Director  754-321-3832
    Chief School Performance Accountability Office Estella Eckhardt Director 754-321-3818
    Chief School Performance Accountability Office Jermaine Fleming Director 754-321-3808
    Chief School Performance Accountability Office Angela Fulton Director 754-321-3812
    Chief School Performance Accountability Office David Hall Director 754-321-3820
    Chief School Performance Accountability Office Jacquelyn Haywood Director 754-321-3812
    Chief School Performance Accountability Office Saemone Hollingsworth Director 754-321-3820
    Chief School Performance Accountability Office Mark Narkier Director 754-321-3854
    Chief School Performance Accountability Office Linda Pazos Director 754-321-3854
    Chief School Performance Accountability Office Michael Ramirez Director 754-321-3810
    Chief School Performance Accountability Office Christine Flynn-Semisch Director 754-321-3808
    Chief School Performance Accountability Office Sandra Shipman Director 754-321-3822
    Chief School Performance Accountability Office Alan Strauss Director 754-321-3810
    Chief School Performance Accountability Office Dr. Mark Strauss Director 754-321-3832
    Chief Facilities & Construction Office Leo Bobadilla Jr. Chief Facilities Officer 754-321-2617
    Chief Financial Office Judith Marte Chief Financial Officer 754-321-1990
    Chief Information Office Anthony (Tony) Hunter Chief Information Officer 754-321-0400
    Chief Portfolio Services Office Leslie M. Brown Chief Portfolio Srevices Officer 754-321-2100 
    Chief Public Information Office Tracy Clark  Chief Public Information Officer 754-321-2616
    Chief of Staff Jeffrey S. Moquin  Chief of Staff 754-321-2650
    Chief Special Investigative Unit  Robert Hutchinson Chief Special Investigative Unit  754-321-0735
    Chief Strategy & Operations Office Maurice Woods  Chief Strategy & Operations Officer 754-321-2610
    Coaching & Induction  Angela Brown  Director  754-321-5024
    Compensation & HRIS Rose Hall Director 754-321-0150
    Computer Operations Brian J. Sullivan Director 754-321-0395
    Construction  Frank Girardi Director  754-321-1525
    Coordinated Student Health Services Marcia A. Bynoe Director 754-321-1575
    Demographics & Student Assignments Patrick Sipple  Director  754-321-2480
    Diversity, Prevention & Intervention VACANT Director 754-321-1655
    Early Learning/Language Acquisition Dr. Lori Canning Executive Director 754-321-1953
    EEO/ADA Compliance Wladimir Alvarez Director 754-321-2150
    Elementary Learning  (K-5) Dr. Nicole M. Mancini Director 754-321-1951
    Employee Evaluations Heather Parente  Director 754-321-5067
    Employee & Labor Relations Linda Gonzalez Director 754-321-2140
    Environmental Health & Safety Roger Riddlemoser Director 754-321-4200
    Equity & Academic Attainment David Watkins Director 754-321-1600
    ESE & Support Services Dr. Antoine Hickman  Executive Director 754-321-3436
    Exceptional Student Education Jennifer Bigos Director 754-321-3431
    Facility Planning & Real Estate Christopher Akagbosu  Director 754-321-2177
    Food and Nutrition Services Mary Mulder Director 754-321-0215
    General Counsel Barbara J. Myrick  General Counsel 754-321-2050
    Grants Administration Stephanie Pollard Director 754-321-2260
    Head Start / Early Intervention Angela Iudica Director 754-321-1961
    Information & Technology Security Teresa Macri Director 754-321-0375
    Innovative Learning Dr. Daryl Diamond Director 754-321-2640
    Innovative Programs/Design Support Leona Miracola Director 754-321-2070
    Leadership Development Theodore Toomer Director 754-321-5002
    Legislative Affairs John Sullivan  Director 754-321-2608
    Literacy Mildred Grimaldo Director 754-321-1866
    Marketing & Communications Lori Krans Director 754-321-2300
    Network Integration Angela Coluzzi Director 754-321-0356
    Office of Service Quality Veda Hudge Director 754-321-3625
    Office of Strategic Initiatives Management VACANT Executive Director 754-321-2510
    Operational Audits Ann Conway Director 754-321-2409
    Payroll Sharmila Laljie Director 754-321-2450
    Performance Management Dale Schmidt Director 754-321-2131
    Physical Plant Operations Sam Bays Director 754-321-4634
    Pre-Construction Shelley Meloni Director 754-321-1515
    Procurement & Warehouse Services  Mary Coker  Director  754-321-0518
    Professional Development Standards/Support Susan Leon Director 754-321-5006
    Program Controls Sylvia Berenguer Director 754-321-1515
    Program Evaluation Russell Clement Director 754-321-2500
    Risk Management Aston Henry Director 754-321-1900
    School Applications  Jeff Stanley  Director  754-321-0329
    School Counseling & Brace Ralph Aiello Director 754-321-1675
    Secondary Learning (6-12) Guy Barmoha Director 754-321-2124
    Student Assessment & Research  Richard Baum Director 754-321-2510
    Student Services  Dr. Laurel  Thompson Director  754-321-1550
    Student Support Initiatives Michaelle Valbrun-Pope Executive Director 754-321-1660
    Student Transportation & Fleet Services  Patricia Snell  Director  754-321-4400
    Support Services  Mary Claire Mucenic  Director  754-321-3415
    Talent Acquisition & Operations - Instructional (includes Certification) Susan Rockelman Director 754-321-2324
    Talent Acquisition & Operations - Non Instructional Staffing Eric Chisem Director 754-321-1815
    Teacher Professional Learning & Growth Dr. Fabian Cone  Director 754- 321-5018
    Technical Support Services Vincent Vinueza Director 754-321-0433
    Technology, Planning & Policy Dale Bondanza Director 754-321-0375
    Title 1, Migrant & Special Programs Luwando L. Wright-Hines Director 754-321-1400
    Treasurer's Office Ivan Perrone  Treasurer 754-321-1980