Atlantic Technical College is Named 2017 ProStart School of the Year

Thursday, June 22, 2017
Congratulations Atlantic Technical College for being named the 2017 ProStart School of the Year by the Broward Chapter of the Florida Restaurant Lodging Association (FRLA), which is part of the National Restaurant and Lodging Association.
Atlantic Technical College has been providing the opportunities for students to participate in the ProStart program since 2007 through its Commercial Foods and Culinary Arts program. Students have a chance to learn culinary techniques, management skills and work with commercial kitchen equipment. Through a series of rigorous competitions, students can showcase their skills at nationwide ProStart events.
Two seniors from Atlantic Technical High School have been awarded scholarships. Mhina John-Baptiste and Amanda Gonzalez were awarded $2,000 scholarships.

Mhina John Baptiste (left) and Amanda Gonzalez (right)


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