BCPS Partners with Google to Bring Learning to Life Through Augmented Reality

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

From swirling hurricanes and erupting volcanos to space exploration and famous works of art, students from Nova Eisenhower Elementary School, Nova Blanche Forman Elementary School and Nova Middle School got a chance to experience augmented reality lessons, thanks to a partnership with Google.

Google selected Broward County Public Schools as one of its partners in its Expeditions AR Pioneer Program, which allows teachers to bring 3D objects to life right on students' desktops thanks to augmented reality. The fun, interactive and engaging lessons give learning a whole new dimension, sparking students' imaginations and creativity through technology. Lessons span a wide range of topics, from forces of nature to historical artifacts, ancient architecture and more. Teachers are able to customize the augmented reality lessons to enhance their current curriculum.

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