Hispanic Scholars from the College Academy @ BC are Nationally Recognized

Wednesday, October 12, 2016
Congratulations to students from the College Academy @ BC that are in the top 2.5 percent of all Hispanic and Latino students who completed the PSAT last year.  All of these 17 students are eligible for scholarships with many of the students receiving free tuition for all four years of college! 

Left photo:  College Academy Central Students 
(Left to right): John-Robert Rodriguez, Maya Galvan, Valentino Rivera, Pedro Garcia, Rebeca Rodriguez, Nathaniel Petin, Noemi Bolivar, Nicole Mora, Andres Holguin, Taylor Atkins, David Lopez, Chelsea Abraham*, Matthew Petela* and Daniel Ballesteros*

Right photo:  College Academy North Students 
(Left to right): Tommy Guzman, Galo Garces and Felipe Bensdoun

*not pictured        

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