Park Lakes Elementary Hosts Dad and Daughter Luncheon

Thursday, December 05, 2013
Park Lakes Elementary School hosted its first Dad and Daughter Luncheon on Friday, October 18, 2013. Daughters anxiously awaited the lunchtime arrival of their “Man of the Hour.”  As fathers entered the cafeteria, the smiles on the faces of the young girls lit the room. Fathers braced themselves as their daughters ran full speed ahead and jumped into their arms.
Throughout the room you could hear dads say phrases like “ Man, I am a dad” and “Yes, we are.” Principal Orinthia Dias spoke with one father who shared that it was his first time ever coming to a school event.  However, after such a positive experience he was sure he would visit again.  And even the father of one employee had lunch with his 35-year-old daughter.
Park Lakes’ Dad and Daughters Luncheon not only built a lasting moment for the young girls, but had an impact on the staff as well. This was such a heartfelt experience. This event will be etched in the minds of daughters, fathers and staff members forever. Go DADS!

Pictured: Dads with their daughters at the luncheon.

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