Silver Trail Middle School Students Raise $11,000

Thursday, June 09, 2016
Silver Trail Middle School held the “STMS has a Heart” event on Thursday, May 26, 2016, and raised $11,000 for the American Heart Association. More than 1,000 students participated with members of the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA).  Students wore red t-shirts from the American Heart Association and they went outside to the school’s athletic field to form a heart shape made up of students with the initials of the school “STMS” in the middle.

Peer counseling students helped with the planning of the event including aiding the PTSA with setting up all of the activities. Mrs. Gonzalez, a science teacher, taught CPR skills to eighth grade students and peer counselors. Friendly jump rope, push up and basketball competitions as well as presentations and music made the event fun for all of the attendees.

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