Tequesta Trace Middle School Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

Thursday, October 22, 2015
On September 30, 2015, Tequesta Trace Middle celebrated its 25th Anniversary.  The PTA organized the celebration which took place on the 25th day of school. Students where welcomed with a pep rally, performed by the cheerleaders, which occurred in front of the school greeting students as they arrived.  Once they entered the cafeteria they were welcomed by a performance by the school’s Symphonic Band.  Soon after Principal Paul Misensky took the stage to tell the students a little more about the special day. He welcomed a few special guests including, School Board Member, Laurie Rich-Levinson and John Flint who is Westonís City Manager. Mr. Micensky then awarded plaques to congratulate Mrs. Lori Sesto, Mrs.Debbie OíBryan, and Mr. David Holness for being at Tequesta for all of its 25 years. After the morning celebration, students where served cake at lunch. 

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