Week Ending January 22, 2015

This week’s Friday Focus Something Special Video features highlights of the Broward County Public Schools M/WBE Disparity Work Group's first meeting to discuss the Disparity Study findings and recommendations; and Centennial greetings.


BCPS News Releases

Head Start, Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten, and Exceptional Student Education Preschool Students; District Staff; Sesame Street’s Elmo; and Representatives from the PNC Foundation.
Wendi Fischer also known as the “Chess Lady” dresses as a medieval queen who hosts chess lessons each week that BCPS students watch digitally in class.  Fischer will host a special Family Chess Night at Horizon Elementary. 
Blanche Ely High is one of over 2,000 high schools across the nation and around the world recognized by the NFL (National Football League) for its contribution to Super Bowl history and positive impact on the game of football.
Ed Talk is a community forum designed to inform and engage the community in discussions to develop and update educational strategies, which will advance the three core components of Broward County Public Schools Strategic Plan – high-quality instruction, continuous improvement and effective communication. Community input and feedback are used to continue the District's vision and commitment to educating today’s students to succeed in tomorrow’s world.
Broward County Public Schools participates in the Child Care Food Program (CCFP), a federally-funded program which provides healthy meals and snacks in the child care setting.
Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) “Conversation With The District” is a community forum, 
providing an opportunity for parents, students, staff and community members to share input and thoughts with School Board members and the Superintendent about what the District is doing well or where improvements can be made.