Week Ending June 10, 2016


This week’s Friday Focus Something Special Video features: Nova Blanche Forman Elementary Celebrates 50 Years!; School Leaders from Vietnam Visit Gator Run Elementary School; "How Low Can You Go?" Pep Rally (Deerfield Park Elementary); Breakfast Buddies (North Fork Elementary); "Grab ‘n Go Breakfast in the Classroom" Tour (Walker Elementary); and Centennial Greetings.


BCPS News Headlines

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SWAG on 6: South Broward High's Franklin Mejias
His friends at South Broward High School are over it, but when you meet Franklin Mejias for the first time, you can't help but stare. You can't help but notice the missing parts, that this young man with the big smile has stubs where hands once were, and prosthetic legs from the knees down. Franklin knows what everyone sees, and wants you to know that does not define him.

United Way of Broward County celebrates reading volunteers
A South Florida organization is thanking their volunteers who help children learn to read, Friday. The United Way of Broward County hosted an end-of-the-year appreciation breakfast for Reading Pal volunteers, teachers and principals.

Broward school district to hire private investigators to verify home addresses
The Broward County School District has a new weapon against parents who lie about where they live: private investigators. And at least one School Board member thinks the $375 bill for each investigation should go to parents caught committing fraud. "Something has to give," said member Robin Bartleman. "We can't have people keep lying about their addresses." 

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