Week Ending September 2, 2016


This week's Friday Focus Something Special Video features highlights of the Hallandale High School pep rally celebrating "today's student athlete and tomorrow's leaders" with guests former NFL players and brothers, Stockar McDougle and Jerome McDougle; and a behind the scenes look at West Broward High School student filmmaker Francisco Cabrera's "Revolving Child" film.


BCPS News Releases

Sheridan Technical College and General Motors Partner to Train Highly Skilled Automotive Technicians
Starting this school year, Sheridan Technical College and General Motors Corporation (GM) partner to train highly skilled automotive technicians through the GM Automotive Service Educational Program (ASEP).

BCPS News Headlines

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Falcon Cove Middle School in Weston Reinvents Library
Here’s something you will never hear said inside the new media center at Falcon Cove Middle School in Weston: "Shhh, you’re in the library!"

Focus On South Florida: One-on-One with Robert Runcie
Robert Runcie joins us for an extended sit-down with the exciting and challenging prospects for the new school year.

Broward Schools Trying New Approach and New Programs
NBC 6's Michael Spears take a look at the new approaches and new programs being offered at some schools in the county

Providing families with tools to get the most out of their children's education
Square pizza, tater tots, greenish hot dogs, rubber chicken, dry burgers. For generations, these were the staple ingredients of school cafeterias.

Florida Barely Teaches Computer Science, but Broward Is Best
We’ve stepped into a brave new world in which cars drive themselves, Pok√©mon are real, and you can order everything from a Pub Sub to a helicopter on your phone.

Yay for Junior Achievement; pray for achievement by school officials
Today's students need to be better educated in workforce skills that include "critical thinking, communication, financial and technology literacy and entrepreneurship."