Principal of the Year Finalists

Marc Charpentier
Sunset Lakes Elementary

Marc Charpentier leads with his heart and will do whatever is necessary to assure the success of the staff, teachers, and students of Sunset Lakes Elementary School. He is a trusted leader and has inspired visions of future success through the implementation of the Common Core State Standards in the curriculum. He is consistently looking for ways to make Sunset Lakes Elementary more than a school with high marks, but an innovative school.

Brian Faso
Miramar High

Brian Faso is an innovative leader with a vision of excellence for all students, staff, and teachers of Miramar High School. He is committed to making sure that each of his students has the opportunity to turn dreams into reality by preparing them for success in college and careers. He doesn’t see Miramar High School as just another high school, but rather the high school of choice, where the focus is student achievement, and everyone is held accountable for its success.
Richard Garrick
Lauderhill Paul Turner Elementary

Undeterred is a word that perfectly characterizes Richard Garrick and his vision for Lauderhill Paul Turner Elementary School. He is a coach, a model and a mentor to his staff as he takes on problems with confidence and assurance. Facing challenges head-on, Garrick has earned the respect and loyalty of staff, teachers, students and community members. The entire school is truly a family, with a leader who promotes harmony and teamwork in all aspects.
Camille Pontillo
Coral Park Elementary

Camille Pontillo is relentless in her pursuit of educational excellence for her students. As an educator for 30 years, including 10 years as principal, she believes that a principal's responsibility is student achievement - no matter what. “As I learn and grow, I believe it is my fundamental responsibility to share the knowledge with teachers,” said Pontillo, who fosters an environment where teacher leadership flourishes. She is enthusiastic about the changes she has brought to Coral Park Elementary and looks to continue to achieve the highest quality of excellence.