Teacher of the Year Finalists

Sheryl Arriola
Seventh Grade, Westglades Middle School

A 20-year veteran teacher, Arriola believes that “a high-quality education is no longer just a pathway to success – it is a prerequisite.” As the Science Department Chair, she’s preparing students with 21st century skills to become responsible citizens, ready to compete in the business world and debate important issues.
caliberChristopher Crossman
Sixth 12th Grade, Seagull Alternative School

Christopher Crossman is committed to his students and the journey of life long learning. He sees the school as a student’s extended family, and embraces the notion that teachers are role models, not only for their students, but for their colleagues and communities as well.

caliberBrenda Farkas
Eighth Grade, Glades Middle School

Brenda Farkas is dedicated to making sure her students are the center of the classroom. She creates a learning environment that is alive and vibrant. As a mentor to her colleagues and a role model to her students, Farkas cherishes the moments she spends with each student.

caliberStar Rosario
Third Grade, Silver Shores Elementary School

Star Rosario knows that educating children is a partnership and relies on everyone taking part in the journey of molding young minds. Her warm and positive energy impacts her students as they strive for excellence in all that they do. “My students are my source of inspiration. They keep me grounded as a teacher and remind me of my true vocation and purpose.”

caliberDr. Daniel Shapiro
Kindergarten – Fifth Grade, Bennett Elementary School

Dr. Daniel Shapiro gives his best each day and goes above and beyond for students, parents, staff and the school community. Although he is an educator, his role extends beyond the school setting. He encourages all parents to spend some time reading with their children. Shapiro believes that it truly does take a village to raise a child.

caliberAndrew Shipe
10th and 12th Grade, Pompano Beach High School

Andrew Shipe believes the role of education is to ensure that every child has the opportunity to master the fundamental skills to develop into a thriving adult. For Shipe, learning not only takes place in the classroom, but in the world where students realize the impact of their decisions.