Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Conservation/Utility Management

The Environmental Conservation/Utility Management Department exists to facilitate increased awareness and efficient use of energy and other natural resources. The main mission of the Environmental Conservation / Utility Management Department is to enhance environmental stewardship, contribute to the District's efforts to reduce inefficiencies in the use of energy resources such as electricity and natural gas. In addition, it is our mission to further reduce water consumption and the production of solid waste, while increasing the comfort level of classrooms and schools.


School District Mosquito Spraying Request Form

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Safety Department

 To report a suspicious situation or an incident, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY.

 For general information, questions or concerns please contact the following:
    Broward County Hotline:  (954) 831-4000
    Florida Department of Health:  (800) 342-3557   6:00 a.m. to midnight daily



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Environmental Conservation/Utility
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