Broward County Athletic Association (BCAA)

The Broward County Athletic Association (BCAA) is the largest high school athletic conference in Broward County and the second largest in the state of Florida. The BCAA is a unit of the School Board of Broward County overseeing 24 sports programs at member high schools. The BCAA is comprised of 28 public schools, two private schools and one charter school.

The BCAA recognizes the importance and value of education. The term “student athlete” recognizes the importance of being a student first, with athletic endeavors second. All student athletes must maintain a minimum of a 2.0 GPA. Students who fall below this standard are ineligible to play. The BCAA gives special recognition annually to scholar athletes. Each and every year the BCAA conducts two scholar athlete banquets. Seven students from each BCAA school are recognized and provided a keepsake gift. In addition, the BCAA distributes over $100,000 in scholarship dollars to scholar athletes. The names and schools of the scholar athletes are listed on the website for the entire school year. These athletes are role models who demonstrate a commitment to excellence in the classroom and field or court of play.

The Broward County Public School system operates a comprehensive interscholastic athletic program at the middle and high school levels. The school system has designated the Broward County Athletic Association (BCAA) as the governing body for high school sports. The objective of the BCAA, in cooperation with the Florida High School Athletics Association, shall be to protect the interests of the high schools and student athletes belonging to and participating in this association, to promote pure amateur athletic sports and to foster such other activities as the organization may decide to sponsor.


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