Building Department

The Building Department is responsible to review and approve construction documents for compliance with various building codes. These codes have been established by law to provide safe, accessible facilities for students and staff. During construction, inspections are conducted by the department to insure that the projects are being built according to approved plans.

The Florida Building Code requires that all new construction and any modification to an existing building must be reviewed and inspected for compliance with adopted building codes and standards.

The Building Department as a regulatory body must focus and emphasize compliance with the technical provisions of the building code. It must ensure that construction is carried out in such a manner that the safety, health and welfare of the occupants utilizing the constructed facility are preserved and protected.

Our responsibilities extend to interfacing with Physical Plant Operations, the Office of Facilities and Construction, Charter Schools Management and Support, Facility Planning, Real Estate and Educational Programming, Legal Services and the Safety Department.

Members of our staff serve or have served on the QSEC Committee, the Portable Committee, the Building Standards Committee,  the Facilities Task Force, the Sawgrass Relocation Committee, and a major participant to the needs assessment  as a precursor to the SMART initiative.

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