Diversity, Prevention & Intervention Department

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Diversity, Prevention & Intervention Department’s (DP&I) goal is to plant the seeds for a drug and violence free tomorrow for all Broward County Public School students.  DP&I (formerly the Diversity, Cultural Outreach & Prevention - DCO&P) employs culturally competent family counselors and prevention specialists to implement this vision through the provision of resources and support to our community of educators, students and families.  Through collaboration and carefully planned services and programs focusing on the four strands of prevention, the DP&I helps to ensure the academic success of all Broward County’s students.



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Diversity, Prevention & Intervention Department
Lauderdale Manors Early Learning and Resource Center
1400 NW 14th Court
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311
 (754) 321-1655
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 Email: dpi@browardschools.com

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