Equity in Action


"The level of educating a child is directly correlated to the quality of life he or she will live in the future"

The Office of Equity & Academic Attainment is designed to address persistent educational & opportunity gaps faced by students based on socioeconomic standing, race, gender, ethnicity, language or disability. Equity in education ensures that all children are able to reach their full potential.

The specific goals are as follows:

1. Closing the achievement gap between minority males and other subgroups around indicators of early childhood readiness, academic performance, graduation rates and college & career readiness.

2. Eliminate the school-to-prison pipeline by reducing the recidivism of youth in confinement, external suspensions, expulsions, arrest and high school dropouts.

3. Ensuring every child will have access to some form of mentoring.


  • Department of Juvenile Justice Educational & Transition Support
  • Dropout Prevention & Alternative Education Support Services
  • Course and credit recovery guidance and resources
  • Positive Behavior & Instructional strategies for struggling students
  • Overage for grade/retention support and resources
  • Minority Success Initiatives, Events & Resources
  • Conferences & Professional Development
  • Social Justice & Implicit Bias Initiatives
  • Mentoring Initiatives
Department of Equity & Academic Attainment

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