Facility Planning and Real Estate

The Facility Planning and Real Estate (FP&RE) Department is an integral part of the Portfolio Services Division.  The Department is subdivided into four functional Sections: Administrative Site Operations, Facility Planning, Growth Management and Real Estate and Environmental Planning. The Administrative Site Operations Section is responsible for the management and the provision of operational support and services to administrative sites; the Facility Planning Section is primarily responsible for the development of Educational Specifications for the District’s educational facilities, commencement of the process for the annual District’s needs assessment of its facilities, update of the Five-Year Educational Plant Survey, update of AutoCAD drawings for administrative and school facilities (which include site plans and floor plans of the facilities) and the FISH data for all long term (40 years or more) District leased facilities, space planning regarding relocation into District’s administrative offices; the Growth Management Section is responsible for addressing growth management issues for the School District.  Specifically, to ensure that consistent with applicable Florida Statutes, public school facilities are available to address the impact of proposed residential development on Broward County Public Schools; and the Real Estate and Environmental Planning Section is primarily the repository for all original School Board Real Estate records, responsible for coordinating and obtaining School Board approval for all facility lease agreements, joint use agreements with local municipalities, and addressing easement matters for the District. For more information about the FP&RE, please visit our web site.


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