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View the District Technology PlanBroward Schools' Information & Technology (I&T) Department is committed to the department's vision of "Technology, enabling learning for all – any time, any place."  I&T is responsible for researching, designing, implementing, monitoring and managing information technology solutions that improve student achievement and operational efficiency.  The department provides technology and communications-based services for The District's 229 schools, approximately 32,000 staff, and more than 225,000 students in its traditional schools.  I&T delivers and supports computer equipment, software solutions, communications systems, network connectivity, project management, and application hosting and support services for schools and support operations throughout the school system.   Increasingly, the combined I&T services are critical elements in the delivery of classroom instruction, access to digital instructional materials, and assessment activities. 
The I&T Department has been recognized for its forward-thinking approach to enriching the teaching and learning environments, and the use of analytics in providing teachers and administrators with easy access to data for personalizing instruction and targeting interventions.

Chief Information Officer

Tony Hunter
Chief Information Officer
Phone: (754) 321-2607

I&T Units and Directors

Pending Board Approval
Director, Classroom Technology
& Desktop Support Services
Phone: (754) 321-0356
Teresa Macri
Director, Information Technology Security
Phone: (754) 321-0300
Ed Hineline
Director, Business Support Services
Phone: (754) 321-0280
Vincent Vinueza
Director, Technical Support Services
Phone: (754) 321-0308
Winston Pierre

Manager, Financial Services
Phone: (754) 321-0336

Jeff Stanley
Director, School Applications
Phone: (754) 321-0329
Matthew Bradford
Director, Computer Ops/Service Desk
Phone: (754) 321-0424
Dale Bondanza
Director, Technology Planning & Policy
Phone: (754) 321-0425

I&T Value Added Services

  • Provide an infrastructure that meets the District’s strategic demands for superior educational outcomes through increased operational efficiencies;
  • Develop and implement applications that respond to the District’s strategic demands for superior educational outcomes through increased operational efficiencies; and
  • Ensure that the District’s strategic demands are met for superior educational outcomes through continued support and customer focus.



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Tony Hunter
Chief Information Officer
Information & Technology
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