Physical Plant Operations (PPO)

The SBBC Physical Plant Operations Division (PPO) continually focuses on ensuring the academic success of all Broward County Public Schools students. To that end, it is essential that we provide a safe, secure and comfortable environment which is conducive to teaching and learning. Regardless of the circumstances, whether performing routine daily activities or responding to a natural disaster, preparedness is an essential component of our operation.

In order to provide the necessary support to the educational process and maintain the confidence of the School Board, the Superintendent and the community-at-large, we strategically plan and aggressively focus on continuous improvement. Our goals, supported by our strategies and action plans are designed to promote high professional standards, while simultaneously maintaining cost efficiency and accountability.
PPO Vision PPO Mission PPO Core Values
Everything Possible, Every Day, To Improve Our Schools for Every Student. Optimize the Physical Learning Environment to Maximize Student Achievement Commitment to Excellence.
Customer Focus. Communications. Trust. Teamwork. Integrity & Ethics.
Benchmark the Best.



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Director, PPO
Physical Plant Operations Division (PPO)
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