Digital 5: Pathways to Personalized Learning


What is Digital 5 (D5): Pathways to Personalized Learning Initiative?

As part of D5, approximately 3,200 fifth grade students from 27 elementary schools across the District and their teachers are utilizing laptops, digital resources, online instructional materials and other learning tools to maximize student learning.  Today's students are growing up in a high-tech, digital savy world  where information is always at their fingertips.  D5 incorporates the way many students are getting their information outside of school and teaches them to apply these skills in the classroom. 

Which Schools are Participating in D5?

Schools selected to participate in the D5 initiative completed an application process through which they demonstrated a readiness to integrate digital content, online resources, digital tools, digital citizenship and student digital devices into daily classroom practice.

Video Spotlight: Digital 5

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