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Broward County Public Schools fosters collective participation with our parent and business communities which creates an irreplaceable relationship necessary for our students to thrive in the educational arena. Click one of the links on our home page to begin your exploration.Your efforts can make a difference in the lives our students



Volunteer ServicesBecome one of the 43,000 adults helping Broward’s children and schools. You will work at the school of your choice in activities that match your skills. In return, you will make new friends, have new experiences, and feel good about your contribution to children. Click here for more volunteer services information.




community engagement.jpgIn addition to facilitating community involvement within the school system and for the district's major events, the department also provides coordination and/or planning for the school system's participation in community state or national events. Keep checking back for a link to this section. Click here for more Community Connections.




Community EngagementAre you a company, business, organization or an individual wishing to share a flier or brochure with schools about a non-school related event, program or activity? Are you seeking approval to bring a student program, incentive program, contest, free curriculum, activity or other opportunity to one or more schools? If so, the Superintendent’s Screening Committee is the place to start. Keep checking back for a link to this section. Click here for more Superintendent Screening information.




momanddaughter.jpgFind out how you can make a difference through volunteering or for assistance in managing your school volunteer program, contact:


Public Information Office
Phone: 754-321-2300
Fax: 754-321-2711


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