In 2 Easy Steps... Stay Connected with Your Child's Education using the BCPS Mobile App.


The BCPS Mobile App allows parents and families to stay connected in real time with information on students academic
performance,  account balances,  bus pick-up and drop-off times and so much more. 

Registration is required.  
See your child’s personalized information through your smart device anytime, anywhere. You can receive information via text, email, or phone.  

App Features

• Daily attendance
• Course schedules
• Library obligations
• Course grades (3-12)
• Student assignments
• Bus route assignments
• Bus stop pick-up and drop-    off times
• Bus stop locations
• Meal menus
• Account balances
• Account alerts


Mobile App


Step 1
Register for Secured Personalized

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Step 2

Download the Mobile App

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Introducing the latest
Broward County Public Schools mobile app!

New features especially for parents.

 Please report any technical issues to BCPS Mobile Technical Support