Superintendent's Corner

Superintendent's Corner

"The battle for quality education is the social justice cause of our time. If you believe that every child has the right to a quality education, then there is no more important work than providing the right leadership to dramatically transform public education in this country." 
                                                                                                          - Superintendent Robert W. Runcie
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The Importance of Early Literacy

May 16, 2017

Early literacy is one of Broward County Public Schools strategic goals. It focuses on our youngest learners’ ability to read independently, write clearly, and understand and create information in different forms of media.
In this podcast, we sit down with Superintendent Robert Runcie who is joined by Chief Academic Officer, Dan Gohl and Executive Director of Early Learning and Language Acquisition, Dr. Lori Canning, to discuss why early literacy is so critical to student success.

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Important Message For Parents From Superintendent Robert W. Runcie

Superintendent's Message

Education is crucial for understanding students’ social emotional development and perceptions. In the past few weeks, several different types of media have released information on disturbing trends involving teen mental health, self-harm and suicide.

Letter from Superintendent Robert W. Runcie Regarding Proposed State Budget and Impact to Education

Superintendent's Message

As a father, community member and Superintendent of the second largest public school system in Florida, which proudly serves more than 270,000 students, I am compelled to speak out about the proposed state budget and its potential negative impact to our students and dedicated employees. Read Superintendent Runcie’s letter about potential state cuts to funding for our schools.

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