Teacher of the Year

Evelyn Schwartz
Oakridge Elementary School

As a veteran teacher of almost 19 years, Evelyn Schwartz is the kind of teacher who sees a need and makes a plan to meet it. She supports her students, and colleagues and is active in the community. For the last 12 years, Schwartz has focused on inspiring and encouraging her first grade students to achieve at their highest levels. “My students’ mission statement is: ‘I am responsible for my learning, safety, health, happiness and making the world a better place,’” said Schwartz. “My students are only six and seven, but they understand our mission.”
Her goal is for her students to be in an engaged, positive, safe environment where they can view school as a place where they can learn and contribute to the world around them.

Always looking for new ways to engage her students, the Daily Five program was implemented in her classroom so her students were responsible for their learning to read. “Imagine six and seven year old children being responsible for their own reading practice.” She knew this was a winning program and shared it with her colleagues to motivate their students.

Over the years, she was awarded not only Teacher of the Year at her school, but also Social Studies Teacher of the Year for Broward County. Schwartz feels her most effective role has been as the Chairperson for the School Advisory Council, where she established a genuine rapport with parents and addressed their concerns. Another active role has been serving on the City of Hollywood Education Advisory Committee where she initiated grants for many schools in Hollywood. Serving in many leadership positions, her role has been that of a life-coach to her colleagues and friends.


Employee of the Year

Krystal Morman, Community Liaison
McNicol Middle School

Krystal Morman is everywhere you want and need her to be at McNicol Middle School. She takes on each task with the determination that there is nothing impossible to complete. Her smile and her passion are known throughout the school and the community.

Morman holds the title of Community Liaison, but she does so much more. She provides support to the students, to other staff members, to teachers, and parents. With a knack for getting things done, Morman has enlisted the assistance of multiple organizations in order to offer students and parents the best information possible.

Morman is the chameleon of McNicol. Regardless of the situation, she becomes the right person at the right time to get the job done. She makes it happen, whatever it takes.

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