Student Success Opportunity Schools

Student Success Opportunity Schools (SSOS) is a strategic initiative by Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) to review the performance of schools utilizing a variety of criteria, such as student academic performance, school enrollment, climate, facilities and other local factors. SSOS provides an opportunity for the District to work with parents, students, staff and community members to discuss the potential educational options available for students that are sustainable and promote increased student achievement.

School Boundaries and SSOS Update for the upcoming 2017/18 School Year

Information updated: October 17, 2016 

Through the SSOS/Boundary process, several initiatives have been in the visioning and planning stages through the organization as well as the larger community.

District staff is currently working with community members and planning for the 2017/18 school boundaries. For the 2017/18 school boundary process, the Demographics & Student Assignments Department (DSA) has received by the designated October 3rd submission deadline, the following community proposals:

  • Two community proposals for a 6th-12th grade collegiate academy at Millennium Middle School;
  • Twelve community proposals to provide enrollment relief for Heron Heights and Park Trails Elementary School through the use and enrollment of a proposed 24 classroom addition at Riverglades Elementary School;
  • One community proposal to move a portion of Stoneman Douglas High School to Coral Glades High School; and
  • One community proposal to move a portion of Lauderdale Lakes MS to Silver Lakes MS.

The proposals have been posted to the DSA web site, and are available for public comment.  DSA staff has already begun the process of presenting the proposals to the community, and will continue to do so during the month of October.  

In conjunction with this year’s SSOS/School Boundary Process, staff continues to work on concepts developed during last year’s SSOS/School Boundary Process.  As initially shared last year during the Boundary hearings, district staff has furthered the planning process for an early learning demonstration center proposal for the former Gulfstream Middle School campus.

On October 11th, District staff will bring to the School Board a proposed plan for the Early Childhood Model School of Excellence at the former Gulfstream Middle School site as well as a similar comprehensive program at the Wingate Oaks Center.  At Gulfstream, the mission will be to provide the highest of quality of early care and education while engaging in community focused services to include adult education, family strengthening, health and wellness, and professional development opportunities for early childhood educators throughout Broward County including external early childcare providers.  The primary focus for the early childhood center at Wingate Oaks will be on finding, assessing, placing, and preparing early learners with special needs, displaying all levels of complexity, for successful transition to kindergarten and beyond in a similar comprehensive model.

The Office of Portfolio Services and the Office of School Performance and Accountability continue to collaborate with District departments to provide oversight of the Student Success Opportunity Schools (SSOS) process, which runs in concert with the annual school boundary process.  Unique school demographics, enrollment and capacity needs, as well as any changes in student data are analyzed for review and proposal recommendations.  Currently there are nine schools that participated in the SSOS process during previous school years and continue to be implemented and monitored as the 2016 Turnaround Option Plan (TOP), as submitted to Florida Department of Education. The nine identified schools are Lauderhill 6-12, Broward Estates Elementary School, Royal Palm Elementary School, Dr. Martin Luther King Montessori Academy, Pompano Beach Elementary School, Rock Island Elementary School, Westwood Heights Elementary School, Morrow Elementary School and Tedder Elementary School.  District staff will continue to engage community, staff, and student stakeholders with progress updates as well as support. 


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