Principal's Message

  • Principal’s Message:

    Welcome to New Renaissance Middle School a Title I public school committed  to providing students a rigorous curriculum that is learning focused and standards based to ensure high school readiness upon completion of eighth grade.

    Our mission is greatness, and accomplishing this mission must be a cooperative effort. Success in school depends upon the collaboration of the  principal, assistant principals, teachers, counselors, students and parents; however, students are the most important part of the equation. In order to be high school ready, Students need to be  responsible for their success and must be actively involved in their own education. They need to ask questions, set high goals and study diligently. They also need to be present and on time to school each and every day. Students at NRMS are encouraged to take pride in our school and take advantage of the growth opportunities  available to them.

    Staff and students must work together to maintain a positive school environment. Students will be awarded positive behavior points for being on time to school and class, adhering to the unified dress code, visibly wearing their ID’s and exhibiting character traits. Students are reminded daily to follow 3 simple rules:    

    • Do your best
    • Do what is right
    • Treat others the way you want to be treated

    We have adopted a block schedule this year. This means that students attend 4 classes on alternate burgundy and gold days. A flag is posted in the front of the school and in the back atrium indicating the day for students.

    Thank you for choosing New Renaissance Middle School  for your child’s middle school years. I look forward to working with you this year on the success and growth of ALL of our students.

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    Thank you.

    Janet Morales