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    Ms Cerda Greetings, and welcome to Hollywood Hills High School Office of the Dean.  My name is Lided Cerda, and I have the honor to serve as the Dean of Students at Hollywood Hills.  The mission of the Dean’s Office is to support the discipline code at Hollywood Hills and ensure that our campus is a safe, wholesome learning community that motivates students to achieve their highest potential in an inclusive student environment.  The school’s discipline code promotes mutual respect among faculty and students and protects the rights of all individuals to pursue their education.

    Our community’s commitment to academics, the arts, activities, and athletics is noteworthy, and the success of our students speaks to the high quality of our programming. Here you will find dedicated educators and support staff who have a genuine goal of providing the best possible education to our students.  

    My role at Hills is to ensure the safety of our students, to help young men and women achieve their potential academically, athletically, and socially.  In order to achieve this goal, Hollywood Hills believes a disciplined and structured atmosphere is necessary.  The purpose of discipline, then, is to maintain an environment where students can achieve their potential in an honest and caring manner.  Our goal is that our students grow to become “men and women who honor and respect.”  I am supported by our administrative team, our Athletic Director, and the wonderful support staff and teachers here at Hollywood Hills.  

    Please feel free to contact my office at 754-323-1094 with any questions or concerns, or you may also access an electronic version of the Broward County Public School Student Conduct Book by clicking the link on this page.  

    Lided Cerda, Dean of Students


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    Children today are exposed to alcohol and other drugs at increasingly younger ages. The media is rife with images that promote smoking and drinking as "cool," and a natural part of life.  That's why, more than ever, parents need to talk to their kids about the perils of drugs and help them separate fact from fiction. But how do you get started? 

    According to experts, it's best to develop an ongoing dialogue with your child and to look for spontaneous, everyday situations, or "teachable moments," in which to lay the groundwork for open, honest communication.  The best news?  Research shows that children who hear the facts about drugs and alcohol from their parents are significantly less likely to use them.  Here are some tips.

    How to Talk to Your Student About Drugs and Alcohol

    Parents have a major role in encouraging academic success--here are some ways you can fill critical needs at home AND at your child's school.

    How to Talk to Your Student About Academics 

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