Venture Design Overview

  • Elementary School Principal shaking hands with happy family Venture Design supports charter school students by offering premium services designed to meet the needs of today’s schools of choice. All premium services are an extension of established District services that are redesigned and packaged to meet the needs of various organizational models and educational programs that exist across Broward County's 87 charter schools. Services provided go above and beyond those designated by law, and are aligned with the statutory requirements described in Section 1002.33 (20), Florida Statutes.

    Venture Design develops and delivers fee-based district-managed premium services to 90% of the District’s charter schools. This model includes five components: services customized to charter schools’ needs, competitive pricing, high quality services, efficient processes and exceptional customer service.

    VenD Diagram: Customer service, customized to school needs, competitive pricing, efficient process, high quality

    All premium services provided by Venture Design benefit students in Broward County charter schools without negatively affecting District resources. Through our work, opportunities are created to align revenue with staffing as well as with professional development and resource needs that directly support charter school students. This is accomplished by continuously monitoring and improving planning, communication and delivery methods, while working with the Legal, Budget and Financial Accounting Departments to ensure transparent, seamless and approved processes.


  • Venture Design will provide support services that promote choice, encourage collaboration and result in essential academic excellence.


  • The District will collaborate professionally with charter schools to meet the needs of students.

Contact Information

  • Choice/Charter Schools Management Support Department

    600 SE Third Avenue

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301

    Phone: 754-321-2103

    Fax: 754-321-2718

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    Deborah J. Cardoso

    Assistant Director