Mrs. Parker, Literacy Coach
  • Hello BANYAN UNIVERSITY Reading Scholars & Parents,
    Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year.  My name is Mrs. Parker and I am Banyan's new Literacy Coach.  I am so excited to be apart of the Banyan Family. I "B"elieve we can continue to strive and "A"im for an "A" 🙂 
    Listed below are a few reading tips to help us get started on our Mission to become Lifelong Banyan Readers.  
    *Students should read daily for 20 minutes.  Parents can also read to the students. 
       -After they have read, students should be discussing what they have read with someone.  
       -Parents/Guardians can ask the student(s) questions about the text they just read to ensure that they comprehended the text.
    *At home or at the public library, K-5 students can log onto iReady and complete their Reading assignments. This can be accessed through Clever or the direct website at
    *Students should be engaging in conversations with their parents/guardians, siblings, and/or friends.
       -Studies have shown that exposing children to a variety of words helps in the development of literacy skills.  
    *Have students tell you a "story."
       -Have the student(s) recount an experience or make up a story.
    *Work on phonics with students (letter names and letter sounds).
       -This can be done using ABC books, cards, magnet letters, etc.
    *Students in Grades 3-5 can access FSA Resources to assist with preparation for the ELA FSA Assessment.  This can be accessed at

    By completing these strategies at home, we are well on our way to becoming Lifelong Banyan Readers!

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