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    New Athletes - Welcome to Coral Springs High School!

    The Athletic Program at Coral Springs High is one of the most respected in all of Florida. Our athletic “Tradition of Excellence” was developed by athletes playing multiple sports throughout the school year. We strongly encourage everyone to get involved with the athletics program here at Coral Springs High School. Please contact the coaches of ALL the sports you are interested in to obtain more information about summer program, camps, conditioning and try-outs.


    General Contacts for ALL Sports

    Athletic Director:       Brandon Wesley     Brandon.Wesley@browardschools.com

    Asst. Athletic Director:    Brenton Hankerson     Brenton.Hankerson@browardschools.com



    Tackle Football: Leonard Weaver (CoachLeonardWeaver@gmail.com)

    We are proud to have Leonard Weaver join the Colt family as the head football coach for the 20-21 season. Coach Weaver was previously in the NFL for six years and played for both the Seattle Seahawks and Philadelphia Eagles as a fullback. Coach Weaver is excited to transform the program for the better with his personal experiences both playing football and coaching. He previously coached for three years at Boca Raton and two years at Monarch; as well as at the collegiate level. Coach Weaver thrives for a challenge and said this is a great opportunity to have students showcase their talents both on and off the field.

    Cross Country: Brantley Barr (Brantley.Barr@browardschools.com)

    Not a sport many know about, but one of our most highly participated in. Summer training begins in early June, so contact Coach Barr right away to get involved from the start. Athletes from almost every sport use cross country to help them prepare for their “main” sport like soccer, basketball, wrestling, softball, tennis, baseball, and track and field. Cross country really works on conditioning the body for all winter and spring sports. Coach Barr does wonders with the athletes and provides a great coaching atmosphere.

    Girls Volleyball: Frank Bumbales (CoachBumbales@att.net)

    Coach Bumbales has done a phenomenal job with the Lady Colts Volleyball team the last three years. Our Lady Colts are ALWAYS on the hunt for a district championship. Summer conditioning begins in June and try-outs occur in early August. If you are interested in joining the Lady Colts Volleyball team, contact Coach Bumbales as soon as possible to get all of the dates and information.


    Golf: Dona Maggio (Dona.Maggio@browardschools.com)

    Practice for the Girls and Boys Golf team will begin as soon as we return to school in August. If you enjoy the game, investigate joining the Broward Junior Golf Association (Google for website) for some summer fun. Golfers play a variety of other sports during the winter and spring seasons. Some student-athletes even go as far as to combine Golf with Bowling during the fall season. Please contact Coach Maggio if you are interested in more information.

    Boys and Girls Swimming: TBA

    A boys and girls swim coach for the 20-21 season will be announced shortly.

    Boys/Girls Bowling: Rickey Samuels (Samu9112@bellsouth.net)

    The Colt Bowling team is one of the top bowling teams in the STATE. They are one of the state favorites for 2018-19. They are always looking for boys and girls to join the team. Contact Coach Samuels for more information about summer bowling opportunities and fall tryouts. Joining other school teams after the season is highly encouraged.



    Competitive Cheerleading: Amanda Mortimer (Amanda.Mortimer@browardschools.com)

    Our two-time state champion girls finished SECOND IN THE NATION last season. This year, they could be even better!! Try-outs for ALL Cheerleading (Football and Competitive Cheer) is in late April, so contact Coach Ziegler as soon as possible for any and all information. The team selected does begin summer work-outs, trainings, and camps before moving into Football season in the fall. If you are new to school contact Coach Mortimer for more information. Many of our cheerleaders do go on to play other sports during the spring season, as well. If you are an incoming freshman who did not try out, contact Coach Mortimer ASAP!

    Boys Basketball: TBA

    The boys will have a new coach for the 20-21 season announced shortly.

    Girls Basketball: Brenton Hankerson (Brenton.Hankerson@browardschools.com)

    The girl’s team is one of the better teams in the county and has improved their record the last few years. Over the past two seasons, SEVEN players received scholarships to play in college. Contact Coach Hankerson for more information. Student-athletes from these sports are strongly encouraged to play flag football, volleyball, or run cross country in the fall and participate in track, boys’ volleyball and girl’s flag football in the spring to close out their year.


    Boys Soccer: Randy Hulse (Randall.Hulse@browardschools.com)

    The boy’s team have come a long way in the recent years. Recently, Coach Hulse was the assistant and has accepted the head coach position for the 20-21 season. Coach Hulse is great with the athletes and looks forward to showcasing the talents that the soccer team can produce.

    Girls Soccer: Brantley Barr  Brantley.Barr@browardschools.com

    Our girl’s squad improved tremendously last year and will look to improve under new coach TBA. Please contact Coach TBA with any questions, as there will be summer and fall workouts and conditioning. Student-athletes playing soccer are strongly encouraged to run for the cross-country team in the fall and the track and field events in the spring.

    Wrestling: Dan Jacob (Daniel.Jacob@browardschools.com)

    Wrestling at CSHS is the best kept secret in Broward! Winners of 16 district championships, and 3 regional championships, the program sent 11 student-athletes to regionals and 7 to the state tournament in 2018. Many wrestlers play football and run cross-country. We do have a girl’s program in the sport that has been expanding in recent years, which is incredibly exciting. Contact Coach Jacob ASAP to find out how you can become the next wrestling champion at CSHS. Summer conditioning opportunities will start soon, so contact Coach Jacob as soon as possible to jump in on the action.



    Boys Track & Field: Brantley Barr (Brantley.Barr@browardschools.com)

    Girls: Lawrence Virgin (Lawrence.Virgin@browardchools.com)

    Another one of our highly successful programs at CSHS with typically 75+ members on the team. Track gets athletes from almost all of the fall and winter sports teams, especially cross country, soccer, football, wrestling, and basketball. Don’t wait for the spring to get started! Last season, BOTH teams won District Championships and 32 athletes have qualified for the state tournament over the past two seasons. If you plan on running track or competing in a field event, you need to be out for cross country or one of our other great athletic teams here at CSHS. Contact either Coach Barr or Coach Virgin for more information.

    Water Polo: Daniel Barbosa (Daniel.Barbosa@browardschools.com)

    There are both boys’ and girls’ teams here at CSHS. Last season, BOTH teams won District Championships. While many of these athletes come from swimming, several come from wrestling and football. Coach Barbosa has many years of experience as the head coach for Water Polo as well as Swimming/Diving and enjoys the time he is able to be with the students and teach them the sports.



    Girls Softball: Vinny Ziccardi (Vincent.Ziccardi@browardschools.com)

    Coach Ziccardi is a physical education teacher at Coral Springs and has taken on the endeavor to become the girls’ softball coach. He is very excited to rebuild the team and showcase the many talents that our girls have. Coach Ziccardi has been the head football coach at Coral Springs in the past and is excited to expand his coaching skills and showing his own coaching talents with a different sport.

    Baseball: Mike Federman (Michael.Federman@browardschools.com)

    Always on the hunt for the district championship, our Colts team will be one of the favorites for 2019. The Colts boosted several pro players as well, including Marlins Center Fielder Lewis Brinson. Baseball players should fully develop their athleticism by participating in a Fall or Winter Sport. Baseball also has off-season conditioning. Contact Coach Federman right away for information on how you can become part of our Baseball Success.

    Boys and Girls Tennis: Christopher Tully (Christopher.Tully1@browardschools.com)

    The squads were primarily made up of underclassmen the last few years, which means that the squads will be in full force the next few years and ready to take on the challenge of competing for district titles and spots at the State Tournaments again. Many our players participate in volleyball and cross country in the fall to help prepare for their season. Coach Woodstock for any off-season conditioning and programs as soon as possible.

    Girls Flag Football: Brenton Hankerson (Brenton.Hankerson@browardschools.com)

    The 2018 season was another impressive outing for our girl’s flag football team. The girls are looking to continue their winning streak in 2019 season. A large number of girls participate in this successful program. Athletes come from almost any of the other sports offered at CSHS, with cross country, soccer, basketball, and track used most often as alternate sports. Please contact Coach Hankerson if you are interested in this growing program and early conditioning information.

    Boys Volleyball: Frank Bumbales (CoachBumbales@att.net)

    The program was resurrected in 2015 and Coach Bumbales has done an excellent job building the program. This past season our Boys finished 18-3! Athletes come from a lot of fall and winter sports teams. If you are interested in practice, conditioning, summer programs and workouts please contact Coach Bumbales for more information.

    Boys/Girls Lacrosse: Josh St. Thomas (Jfootballer4@aol.com)

    A brand-new sport that was started in the 2016 spring season! The boys and girls have shown their passion for the game and willingness to work to make the program one of the best in the county. If you are interested in this sport, please Coach St. Thomas ASAP for more information on Summer Opportunities. Many of these athletes come from football and wrestling.

    We look forward to having all of you participating in multiple teams throughout the school year. Contact the specific sport coaches of ALL the teams you are interested in becoming a member of, or one of the general contacts for all sports, for more information.  Remember……

    We are excited for YOU to become part of the Colt Athletic Family


    Please fill out your Student-Athlete Paperwork today and get it turned in so you are ready to be involved. Please remember...


    Our Student-Athletes are EXPECTED to play MORE THAN ONE SPORT --- Get Involved, Stay Involved and Be Involved!