Sports Info

  • Safety comes first, and recently, the various athletic clubs and teams at our school have proved to be no exception. Our athletic department has agreed to follow a county mandated concussion test, which must be taken by athletes prior to participation in sporting events. The online baseline test, written and administered by the Sports Medicine branch of Nova Southeastern University’s Health Care Services department, consists of several sections in which student athletes measure their reaction times, memory, and motor skills.

    If a student attains a severe blow to the head during a game, they can retake the test and compare their new results to their initial score, allowing for physicians to judge the severity of the damage. Some students like Bruno Quadri, senior, found the test to be nothing short of peculiar.

    “The concussion test was pretty interesting,” said Quadri.“The types of questions and models it had were very different from a test you would expect to take. The memory and basic math skills make it a very intriguing thing to do.”

    It is common for many concussions to go undiagnosed; side effects, such as depression and emotional distress, are long lasting and sometimes irreversible. But with the introduction of  the schoolwide concussion test, players last year that sustained concussions on the field were able to be properly treated for their injuries.

    The head of the school’s sport department, Coach Jason Stein strongly supports the assessment and the preemptive measures that it institutes. “As a parent with kids who participate in sports, their safety comes first. Anything that is helps with safety and the protection of students can only be a good thing,” said Stein.

    Though the test is lengthy and somewhat inconvenient, the overall benefits of good health and a sound physique outweigh the short-term setbacks that may be caused by a test that takes no more than an hour to complete. 

    Written By: Christian Perez