Parent Involvement

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    Athletic Coach Process

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    Volunteers at Piper

    • Single day chaperones are only required to have Level 1 clearance. Level 1 clearance is obtained by completing the on-line volunteer application. The application clearance results are posted in the Star system in about a week.
    • Overnight chaperones, clinic volunteers, volunteer coaches and mentors are required to have both Level 1 and Level 2 clearance. Level 2 clearance is obtained by completing the SBBC FBI fingerprinting process.
    • All Requests for volunteer fingerprinting must be pre-approved by Dr. Melita’s office.
    • Volunteers who have been fingerprinted by Broward County Public Schools within the last 3 years do not have to be re-printed.
    • Please instruct volunteers to not check mentor when completing the on-line application. 


    Registering at a Broward County School

    To register a student at a Broward County school, click here.


    ESOL Leadership Council

    What is the ESOL Leadership Council?

    This is a districtwide forum for Limited English Proficient (LEP) parents and interested community members to assist the District in identifying the educational needs and priorities of LEP students. The ESOL Leadership Council meets on the first Wednesday of each month during the school year at the K.C. Wright Administration Building. For more information, contact Yvette Fernandez in the Bilingual/Foreign Language/ESOL Education Department at 754-321-2951; or Click Here to visit the department website (



    Make a Difference

    Was there someone special in your life when you were growing up? Perhaps there was a teacher, parent, neighbor, or friend that cheered you on and motivated you to succeed? Or, maybe someone provided guidance and helped you make good decisions? These are the things mentors do! It is your turn to give back and be that special person for a student.

    Become a mentor and help motivate a child to value education and set meaningful goals. Your influence can be the deciding factor that keeps a student in school rather than dropping out, or provide the encouragement to make good choices and avoid peer pressure. Be a Mentor!

    To learn about the various mentor programs supported by Broward County Public Schools or for more information please call the Youth Mentoring Programs office 754-321-1972, or visit the department website at: Get Involved Mentors

    Why Mentor?

    At a time when school districts are faced with mounting costs and funding shortfalls it is important that the needs of the students are not shortchanged.

    Individuals, businesses and organizations often look for ways to support schools that are immediate and measurable. Investing in the future of our youth by becoming a mentor to students who need the guidance of caring adults is a wonderful way to get involved.

    Businesses and organizations have a unique opportunity to mobilize a team of individuals whose involvement in education through mentoring can have a lasting effect. Whether the goal is to adopt a school or several schools near the business or organization’s headquarters or encourage employees/members to mentor close to home, the Youth Mentoring Office is ready to help you get started.

    Mentoring Opportunities

    There are a variety of mentoring options available. Mentors are asked to make a commitment to meet with mentees for one hour a week throughout the school year. For busy executives whose schedules may prevent this level of commitment, we encourage the identification of a co-mentor who can arrange to fill in if the primary mentor is unavailable. While one-on-one mentoring is the most effective model, some schools provide the option of creating a group mentoring program where one or several individuals arrange to meet with a group of students regularly to talk about topics of interest.

    Everyone benefits when the community gets involved in mentoring. Mentors are recognized by others for their commitment to education; achieve a sense of satisfaction for making a positive difference in the world; develop effective listening and problem solving skills and become a role model to a child.

    Youth who are paired with mentors have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skill including, goal setting; effective problem solving; practical living skills; respect for others; communication and leadership skills and an appreciation for gender, age and cultural diversity. They are also less likely to engage in destructive behaviors and more likely to stay in school. The entire school feels supported by the Mentor's presence and commitment to the needs of the students.

    Schools do a great job of educating the students they serve but in order for them to be successful they need the full participation and support of the community. It is through these collective efforts that our youth will be prepared to become productive citizens.

    Mentor orientations are offered regularly at several locations. To learn more about becoming a mentor please contact us at or 754-321-1972.


    Meet the Masters

    Art Enrichment - No Art Experience Necessary!

    "Meet the Masters" is a volunteer Art History and Art Appreciation program intended to acquaint children with the world of art. "Meet the Masters" seeks to cultivate a sustained awareness and interest in art by exposing children to selected prints (approved by Broward School Board).

    "Meet the Masters" is run and done by parent volunteers who have an interest and enthusiasm for bringing fine art to the young.

    Once a month volunteers schedule with their teacher to come into the classroom and make presentations on the lives and works of master artists, followed by an art project of the students own creation. These presentations, using reproductions of the artists' works, last about one hour. Materials are provided for presentations.

    "Meet the Masters" promotes awareness of arts in our community. Through the increased activity and interest of volunteers, parents, faculty members, and administrators, knowledge of the arts will be expanded.

    Broward County Schools now has "Meet the Masters Volunteer Presenter Training" on video! Learn to present works of art to students in the comfort of your own home - Getinvolvedvolunteers/meet_masters.htm

    After viewing the training you will also be able to download presentation materials, which contain artist information and ideas per grade level, all available online. No experience necessary as there is also a section that explains art principles and design. This is the objective when presenting, so please take the time to review.

    After reviewing the video page, click on to Resource Library. Scroll down till you see "Meet the Masters" on the right-hand side, then look for MTM presentations. You will find the entire MTM handbook. Click on your grade. Make sure you look at the page number of what you want to print, then click print and enter page ____ to page ____.

    If you have questions regarding this fantastic enrichment or would like to become a volunteer, please contact the school for further information. Thank you for your interest.


    Become A Volunteer

    It takes many helping hands to produce the kind of quality education found at our school. Our volunteers are a crucial part of the total school program. They help classroom teachers, work in the Media Center, help in the clinic, tutor students, and assist with school activities.

    Information about how to become a school volunteer is found at Get-Involved.

    The online application must be submitted before you can begin and this application must be filled out each and every year. Click Here to go directly to the application.