Innovative Program


    The Thurgood Marshall Elementary community stakeholders have created a unique school reform model that focuses on improving student achievement and guiding students to healthy living and fitness. During the 2015-2016 school year, interdisciplinary instructional units of study will integrate fitness, nutrition, health science, wellness, and environmental topics throughout our campus every day. The Health and Environmental Wellness theme will be a whole school program integrated into specials classes, the regular classroom curriculum, and aftercare. The program will include a daily 45-minute wellness class with regular opportunities for physical fitness and gardening for nutrition. A student fitness lab with state of the art equipment will be installed as part of the theme. Parents will be involved through weekend events such as a farmer’s market and family fitness challenge.

    We are very excited at Thurgood Marshall Elementary to provide this exceptional experience to our students and families. 

    Overview of Innovative Programs

    Innovative Programs are schools that provide unique or thematic instruction to attract and maintain home boundary student enrollment. Marketing will target students living within the homeschool boundary. Stabilization of enrollment will be from existing boundaries. Innovative Programs support unique or thematic instruction within matriculating feeder patterns. There is no application process for Innovative Programs. Magnet schools/programs that no longer meet the policy criteria to stabilize enrollment will transition to an Innovative Program, while continuing the implementation of thematic instruction for in-boundary students.

    District's Magnet/Innovative Program Website to learn more!