Art Club
    Art Club Flyer  

    Please click here to download the permission form. 

    Parents, if your child would like to participate in the STMS Art Club for 2019-2020, please note the following:
    Classes are from 3:45 to 5:15 pm
    Location: Room 171

    Tuesday - January 21, 28; February 4,11,18,25; March 3, 10, 31; April 7

    Wednesday - January 22, 29; February 5, 12, 19, 26; March 4, 11, 18; April 1

    Thursday - January 23, 30; February 6, 13, 20, 27; March 5, 12; April 2, 16

    Fee: $80.00 for ten classes.  Fees include supplies and snacks.
    Classes size is limited to 18. To enroll your child, you must e-mail Margie Heyd at
    You will be notified that your child will be admitted to the club.
    At this first class, the students should come with the $80.00 dues and a signed permission slip. 
    Classes are from 3:45 to 5:15 and meet in Room 171.


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    Arts and Education Grant

    Silver Trail Middle School would like to thank Broward School District and the Broward County Cultural Division for providing STMS with the grant that funded, “The Rotating Gallery - Picture Yourself in History - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!” The project was developed by Mrs. Amy Nesmith and Mrs. Margie Heyd for Silver Trail Middle School’s Social Studies department and touches all grade levels and all students in our school.  Areas of Visual Arts that we are exploring with our students include Art History, Art Criticism, Art Production, and Aesthetics.


    Art History – “Rotating Gallery - Picture Yourself in History - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!”  We are taking our students on a three year journey through history and incorporating prints of Master Artists, as well as current world known artists.  The prints have been chosen from famous museums all over the world, different historical time periods, different schools of art, showing a variety of artists, techniques, and artistic elements.  The students are asked to step into the picture/history to experience the culture and ways of life depicted in the prints.  They are asked to interpret the artists’ purpose and views in displaying that time period in history.  As we walk with the students discovering history, geography, and world cultures, we will simultaneously invite the students to explore the development of Art History. The Students will learn about the life of the artists, study the geographic locations where the artists were born, attended school, worked, and traveled.  We will explore the different ways artists developed their talents and hardships the artist overcame to pursue their goals and individual styles.


    Art Criticism – The students are taught the vocabulary necessary to discuss the elements of art, such as analyzing lines, shapes vs. forms, space, size, texture, color, composition, patterns, proportions, symmetry, contrast, and emphasis on an object, subject, or emotion.  Most importantly, we wish to incorporate critical thinking and inferencing skills to help the children form their own opinions about art.  We want the students to learn how to describe, analyze, interpret, and give their own opinion and judgment through their newly acquired vocabulary and deeply developed knowledge of the elements of art.


    Art Production – STMS students are provided with opportunities to produce their own original art work and explore a variety of mediums.  To inspire the children, we wish to bring in a variety of local Broward Artists to our school and visit local galleries, studios to view artwork being created, theater productions, and cultural organizations.  We wish to emphasize process over product, to encourage the cognitive growth of our students through art production that provides an extension of our Social Studies Curriculum.  We want them to understand that visual intelligence is one of many important forms of multiple intelligences.  Students must learn that visual intelligence is present in every individual, and needs to be developed, as do all other forms of intelligence.  They must understand that in addition to artists developing visual intelligence; many other careers such as aviation, medicine and surgery, architecture and constructions, scientific observation/discovery/exploration, and product development, also require a high degree of visual intelligence.


    Aesthetics – We want the students to explore the question “What is Beauty?”  We want them to compare and contrast what has been considered beautiful in the past and what is currently considered to be beautiful or aesthetically pleasing.  Middle School is a very difficult age and developmental period in a child’s life.  We need each child to realize that they are beautiful, creative, and have gifts to share.  Our students need to have their own sense of importance, confidence, self-worth, and inner beauty in order to expose their inner thoughts and feelings, to produce beautiful art work.  If they are taught that they are beautiful and to see beauty in every aspect of their lives and physical surroundings; children are more likely to respect themselves, their peers, their teachers, physical property within the school and community, and the importance of their education as it connects them to the world.


    In addition to the four areas of the Visual Arts, we will enrich our Social Studies Curriculum through our rotating print gallery, we hope to expose the children to cultural diversity, different historical time periods, and schools of art such as, but not limited to: Baroque, Renaissance, Surrealism, Nineteenth Century Realism, Americana, Impressionism, Expressionism, Cubism, School of Paris, Modern Art, Contemporary Art, Asian Art, African American Art, Persian Art, and Native American Art.  We will be able to depict and emphasis American History through the arts, and showcase many American Artists and their pictorial displays of American history unfolding, when American History, Civics, and Geography are taught.  Other artists from many different countries and time periods will be featured when applicable to the area of history or geography that is being taught.


    The goals of the “Rotating Art Gallery – Picture Yourself in History” are to promote an understanding, appreciation, and support of the arts. We will use our gallery of prints to promote cultural knowledge and diversity, as a visual aid in depicting our rich history and varied human experience. In addition, the program would increase vocabulary and knowledge required to perform well on school test questions and used on standardized tests, such as the college entrance exams and professional exams, which relate to and require knowledge of world cultures and the arts. Since our students need to compete in a global economy and a global community, they deserve to have knowledge in all areas of education, including the arts.  This is the opportunity for all students, including those who may not feel comfortable producing art projects in an art class, to become educated in the world of the arts.


    Going beyond our school and into our local Broward Community, we wish to continue to show our children’s art work through Broward Programs such as the Pembroke Pines Glass Gallery, The Fletcher Art Center, Broward County’s Reflections Art Competition, and Studio 18 in The Pines.  We also wish to invite as many artists and art teachers as possible into our classrooms to demonstrate artwork being created, and thus inspire our students to create their own projects.  Some of the Broward Artists we will be collaborating with are Benoit Menasche – Art Curator and Sculptor for the City of Pembroke Pines, Robyn Vegas – Cultural Arts Coordinator for the City of Pembroke Pines Parks & Recreation Department, Felix Gonzalez – Sculptor and Artist developing the Pembroke Pines 9-11 Memorial Project, Ian Eisenberg – Photographer, Film and Graphic Designer, Jane Collin- Teacher and painter – Coral Springs Museum, Tabitha Blaine and Wilhelmina Michel Dumas.


    We wish to continue inspiring our students by visiting local Broward Art Galleries, Studios and Organizations such as but not limited to, The 9-11 Art Studio, Studio 18 in The Pines, The Bonnet House, Vizcaya in Miami, The Ansin Family Gallery Miramar Cultural Center/Arts Park; so that students are able to develop an understanding of the creative process and an appreciation of the finished works of art.


    We believe understanding artistic principles and the important role the arts have played throughout our history, and continue to play in our current society; will promote an appreciation of the arts, the great master artists, as well as current and future artists. Our goal is to promote an understanding and appreciation of the arts, so we can create a future generation who will dream of becoming artists to create in the areas of art, science, medicine, engineering, aviation, architecture, and product development. At Silver Trail Middle School, we support the arts and will make sure the arts remain a vital part of our individual and unique human experience. 


    By Margie Heyd