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Broward Virtual School Teams Up with Holy Cross Hospital in Pilates 4 Youth Series

Thursday, April 09, 2015
Broward Virtual School (BVS) parents, students and staff are launching a live Pilates 4 Youth broadcast series to elementary schools across the District. In partnership with Holy Cross Hospital, schools will have the opportunity to experience Pilates at their school sites through a live interactive four-week session via distance learning. The program’s initial launch includes elementary schools in the Coconut Creek, Dillard and Nova Innovation Zones.

“Pilates 4 Youth is an extension of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programming, where students learn to embrace healthy habits through the fun of exercise science, thereby demonstrating how STEM is integrated in the real-world," said Christopher Gates, STEM Discovery Day Developer.

The Pilates 4 Youth series will be instructed by a certified Pilates instructor and wellness specialist from Holy Cross Hospitals’ Community Outreach Team. It is an initiative of the Pilates Method Alliance, which aims to foster and encourage teaching Pilates to children safely and appropriately, taking into consideration the physiological and cognitive stages of development that they undergo. To learn more about the Pilates Method Alliances Pilates 4 Youth initiative, visit (http://www.pilatesmethodalliance.org).