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Nova Middle and Nova High Host Civil Rights Forum Featuring Attorney Fred Gray

Wednesday, April 29, 2015
Nova Middle School and Nova High School hosted an interactive civil rights forum welcoming Seagull Alternative High School, Stranahan High School, Dillard High School and the College Academy to the high school campus, on April 17, 2015. 

Judge Kal Evans and Attorney Douglas Seaton led the forum discussing their paths to becoming attorneys, as well as the obstacles they overcame along the way. After sharing their stories, students led a question and answer session with Evans and Seaton, which was followed by a live webinar with civil rights attorney Fred Gray as featured speaker at the American Bar Association’s Forum on Construction Law. 

As part of Gray’s speech, BCPS students in social studies, debate, economics, history, government and civics classes were invited to watch Gray’s speech through a live webinar. Gray’s experience in civil rights law stems from a monumental past, serving as attorney to civil rights icon Rosa Parks. His experience provided students with a firsthand account of civil rights history. To view video from the event, [ https://becon223.eduvision.tv/Default.aspx?q=CT1wecDsedBycum0m6DU4w%253d%253d ]click here, or copy and paste this link: https://becon223.eduvision.tv/Default.aspx?q=CT1wecDsedBycum0m6DU4w%253d%253d