What is Montessori Education?


    The Montessori style of teaching was designed by Dr. Maria Montessori to provide children with opportunities to explore their environment and encourage children to select independent, yet challenging work.  Student use hands on materials, and when coupled with the Montessori lessons, students truly see and comprehend how and why concepts relate to real-life experiences.  Students are not merely giving answers through rote memorization, but developing a sense of understanding of various concepts.  Through the use of hands-on materials, children progress from concrete to the abstract, ultimately applying principles previously learned to testing situations, as well as in everyday life.  Rather than merely teaching a prescribed curriculum or set program, high student performance expectations are set for learning through Montessori learning experiences to meet individual needs and address varied levels of proficiency.


    Heres are some videos explaining some of the benefits of Montessori Education.

    Take a peek into a Montessori classroom, below.