Dual Enrollment

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    Dual Enrollment is a rigorous accelerated program for select high schools students. CSHS Dual Enrollment Academy provides a venue for our students to take advantage of an accelerated curriculum. There are no costs associated with tuition, fees or books! Smaller classes provide a more comprehensive classroom experience. In addition to providing a smooth transition from high school to the post-secondary education, dual enrollment reduces the time necessary to complete requirements for a college degree and can save parents money on college tuition.


    *Please see below for more details about the process*

    Greetings Future Colts!

    Thank you for your interest in our Innovative Programs!

    Please note the Quantum Leap Innovative Program is the only program for which you will be automatically enrolled should you meet the rigorous requirements.

     **If you are not interested in the Quantum Leap Program and you meet the eligibility requirements, please meet with  your guidance counselor to discuss an alternative. **


    If you are interested in the LEEO, Fire Academy, and/or Dual Enrollment Innovative Programs you must select those courses on your annual course selection cards.

    We look forward to wonderful journey of academic explorations and experiences!

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