Arrival / Dismissal Procedure

  • Controlling School Trafiic is Essential for Safety

    In an effort to make car rider drop off and pick up run as smoothly and quickly as possible, we are asking your help with the following:

    MORNING: We are strongly recommending that students be dropped off and picked up in the car drop off line (in front of the school). All unloading must be made at the sidewalk, not from a second line of traffic. Please help us keep our traffic lanes open and flowing by driving up as far as you can. Do not leave any parked cars in the traffic lanes, as they disrupt the movement of cars for the entire school. All students are to report to the cafeteria in the morning.  Students will be dismissed by grade levels to their assigned classrooms. 

    Traffic becomes congested in the AM and PM. Please leave a few minutes early so your child will not be tardy. The gate by car riders will be locked at 8:00 am. Children coming in after this time will need to enter through the main gate.

    AFTERNOON PICK UP:  Please place a sign on your dashboard with your child's last name, to help facilitate locating him/her at dismissal. Pull around the driveway as far as you can to drop off or pick up students waiting on the sidewalk in front of the school.

    Children who are not picked up by 2:30 pm will be escorted to the front office and will have to be signed out by a parent or guardian.

    Please be respectful and kind to the staff members who are supervising the car pick-up/drop-off area. Their main goal is the safety and security of our children. Please do not use cell phones when driving through campus traffic. We appreciate your patience!

    It has come to our attention that many students this past school year have been dropped off in the mornings and picked up in the afternoons at the Deerfield Mall. This has created a very dangerous and unsafe situation for our students. We are requesting that the Deerfield Mall not be used as a drop off and/or pick up for our students. The Mall Management has indicated that they will do whatever is necessary to stop this practice, including towing.