Principal's Message

  • Whaley

    Hello Meadowbrook Family

    Welcome back to the 2018-2019 school year!  This year is going to be one of Meadowbrook’s finest years of educating your children and observing them striving to meet and exceed their educational goals. 

    We were all excited at the end of last school year that the students read over 21,000 books and over 50,000,000 words.  We already started our reading challenge for this school year and it is our goal to read more books this year.  The students are off to a great start!

    There will be many challenges this year.  The one challenge that Meadowbrook already overcame is to meet the State of Florida mandate of Class Size Reduction.  We accomplished this by utilizing multi-level classes.  This type of student grouping has been around since public education began in the United States.  Just know that the biggest indicator of student success is a high-quality teacher.  Let me assure you that each teacher on the campus is highly qualified and ready to help your child to succeed this year.

    As the year progresses, I invite all the parents of the school to become involved in your child’s education by becoming members of the PTA.  This organization is comprised of parents and teachers helping each other for the benefit of all the students at Meadowbrook.    To be involved with your child in school does not always mean to come to PTA meetings or school events, although we certainly invite you.  The best way to become involved with your child is to make sure they do their homework every night and that they read at least 30 minutes.

    As always, my staff and I are always available to meet the needs of the students and families we serve!


    Matthew S. Whaley, Principal

    Meadowbrook Elementary