Principal's Message

  • Principal RHONDA R. PARRIS

    Welcome Back!

    Welcome back to a super fantastic school year!  We are extra excited because our school maintained our "C" and we are 4% points away from a "B". Teachers and students should be commended for their commitment to excellence and their dedication to the entire Park Lakes community. 

    Our goal this year is to increase our student achievement, promote character education with our students, and to ensure our students have the very best education and experience possible. Parents can help us achieve this goal by attending parent meetings, joining the SAC/PTA organization, and ensuring that students come to school everyday on time. Research has shown when schools develop strong partnerships with parents, students reap the benefits academically and socially. 

    Please don't forget that we are a uniform school. Park Lakes Elementary is a unified dress code school. All students must be in uniform daily. Students can wear Park Lakes t-shirts on Fridays only to show school pride. Please help us enforce our uniform policies. Uniforms help us recognize our students in case of an emergency. 

    Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions or concerns. The school number is (754) 322-7650. 

    Educationally Yours, 





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