Intern Principal Mr. Johnson

  • Dear Eagles Family: 


    Welcome back Eagles family!  I want to thank you for the outstanding academic job you did with the Virtual E-learning Canvas platform this past year during the Covid 19 pandemic. We are genuinely excited about returning to school and look forward to raising the academic standards this year.  In addition to this, Park Lakes Elementary School is still the school grade of a “B” because of your, dedication, and commitment to teaching and learning.  We are striving to become an “A” school in the year 2021-2022.



    Our theme this year is "Born to Teach."  This year we will be dedicated to the vision of kindness.  Our goal is to offer all students an opportunity to excel in academics and social emotional learning through real-world literacy and state of the art teaching.  In collaboration with parents, community, and stakeholders; our scholars will become global citizens for College and Career Readiness.


    In addition to this, I am excited about starting our 2021-2022 school year.  I am glad to have you with us this year and I want to assure you that my staff will do our best to support your child in the experience of academics, social, and emotional growth.  If you need support for your student, please contact 754-322-7650.  All signs point to another incredible and productive school 2021-2022 year!  Thank you, for allowing me to serve you and your family.    



     Wendell Johnson