Pick Up & Drop Off

  • We would like to welcome everyone who is new to Parkside Elementary and welcome back everyone else to our school community.   We would like to review some very important safety procedures with you- safety is a top priority at Parkside.


    Traffic Pattern

    • The School Board's Risk Management and Safety Department and the City of Coral Springs developed the traffic patterns at Parkside to ensure the optimum safety of our students.
    • The driveway on NW 29 Street is for buses only.  The parking lot in that area is STAFF PARKING.  This is the back of the school.  Please do not drop off your children in the BUS ONLY area.   Cars are not allowed in this area.
    • The driveway off NW 101 Lane is for car riders.  This is the front of the school.  You must enter through the north entrance in the right lane only and exit through the south entrance.  This is one-way traffic
    • We encourage all of our parents who use the car pool lane to take advantage of using the “pick-up announcement identification card.”  Please complete the form found in this newsletter  (or, perhaps you already picked up a copy) and return it to the school.  We will make a sign that you can place on the driver’s side dashboard.  A staff member will then be able to announce your child’s name  just prior to you reaching the pick-up area.  This procedure greatly assists the pick-up process.  It is also helpful during rainy day dismissals.
    • All parents should remember to remain in their cars, stay in a single lane and pull forward as far as possible before stopping.
    • Unload when the car line stops.  With your cooperation, several cars at one time could unload / load lessening the wait time overall for all our car riders.
    • Be prepared to exit the car quickly.  When you are dropping  your child off in the morning, please have all personal belongings ready so your children exit the car as quickly as possible.
    • Car pools would be helpful.   Think about car pools to help alleviate traffic concerns.
    • Students must be dropped off and picked up at the curb only.  Do not let your child cross through traffic from the parking lot.
    • If you are parking at Mullins Park, please cross with the crossing guards.
    • You must not walk your children up and down the middle of our car riders traffic lane– this is a very dangerous situation!

    Morning Drop-off

    • Supervision begins at 7:30 a.m.  For your child's safety, please do not allow your child(ren) to be on campus before 7:30 a.m.  If you need supervision before that time, for a nominal fee we have a Before School Care Program stating at 6:30 a.m.
    • Bus riders, walkers and bike riders enter the school in the back (29th Street) and go to their assigned location.
    • Students in grades K-5 housed on the first or second floor will proceed to outside of their classroom area where they will sit outside in the hallway and be supervised until the first bell at 7:55 a.m.  Students whose classroom is in the west wing will proceed to that building where they will sit outside in the hallway and be supervised until the first bell at 7:55 a.m.
    • If your child is a car rider, please pull up to the curb at the front of the school as indicated above (off NW 101 Lane), and allow your child to enter the school through the front doors and go upstairs or to the cafeteria.
    • Parents may escort their young children to the cafeteria doors during the first week of school.  After the first week of school, parents will be requested to allow their children to enter the school by themselves.
    • Parents are not permitted in the cafeteria before school.
    • Breakfast will be served between 7:30 and 7:50 a.m.  If you wish your child to eat breakfast at school, he / she must be here by 7:50.
    • If students arrive after 7:55 a.m. they may go directly to their classroom.
    • If students arrive after 8:10 a.m., they must come to the Administrative Office for a late pass.  Again, parents may not walk their children to the classrooms.
    • All outside doors, except the front entrance, will be secured at 8:00 a.m.

    Afternoon Dismissal

    • If your child's regular dismissal procedure is altered in any way, please send a note to your child's teacher.  We cannot guarantee that e-mail to a teacher will be checked prior to dismissal or that phone messages will be delivered in time if a call is made to the office.
    • If your child attends an After Care program off campus, parents  must call that program if the child will not be attending.
    • Parents who are coming to pick up their children at dismissal must wait outside the building until the children exit the building.
    • If a parent needs to sign out a student for an early dismissal, they must come to the office and sign the student out.  The office staff will call the classroom and have the student meet the parent in the office.  Children cannot be released for early dismissal after 1:30 p.m.
    • Older students who are meeting younger brothers and sisters should meet them outside at their designated pick-up area.  They will not be allowed to go to other classrooms.
    • On very rainy days  we will dismiss the children from indoors.  Please refer to the following Rainy Day Dismissal procedure.  Please be especially patient on these days.  Please discuss alternative dismissal plans with your children in advance.  The office cannot handle last minute rainy day dismissal plans.  Discuss the plan with your child in advance.  (A poncho in a backpack is always a good idea!)

    We have given much thought and planning to our arrival, supervision, and dismissal procedures in order to be consistent and ensure the safety of all our students.  With this in mind,  we sincerely thank you for your cooperation and assistance.