Absence Reporting/Policy

  • Not Coming to School Today?

    Absences must be reported via the attendance line at 754-323-7152 or written note. The report must come from a parent and give the date(s) of the absence and the reason for it. Parents MUST report these absences within two days following the absences. A note can be sent either the day before or not later than the second day after the absence. Please fell free to email the front office (data processor) your child's absence.

    Absence Tardy form.pdf

    Attendance Policy 5.5 (revised Nov 2020)

    Policy 5.5: Attendance was revised at the November 17, 2020 Special School Board Meeting. Distance Learning for Emergency School Closures is included in the policy to adapt to our needs to teach students remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Section VIII, paragraph A2: 2. During distance learning, the use of student cameras is required for attendance and instruction. Students will be counted in attendance in the learning environment during their scheduled class time. Teachers should be flexible and consider any extenuating circumstances of individual students who may be unable to turn on a camera. Teachers may consider other evidence of attendance for individual cases.

    Q&A re:policy revisions