Principal's Message

  • Mrs. Daniel Welcome Back Pinewood Panthers! 

    We are truly grateful for the tremendous, noteworthy progress our students have made academically this year. Our school grade remained an A. Our school performed higher than any other school in the city.  Pinewood Elementary’s  3rd, 4th and 5th grade students scored in the top 5% in mathematics in the state of Florida.  Congratulations, Pinewood Panthers on a job well done!

    In everything we do and say, our goal is to give our students and community the best experience possible. We purposefully aspire to empower Pinewood students to successfully compete amongst the brightest minds. We believe in producing well-rounded leaders and  world changers; and our students always rise to our high expectations.

    Pinewood Panthers have the opportunity to part-take in the following activities and clubs: Honor Society, Basketball, Cheerleading, Math Club and Competitions, Art Club, Distance Learning, Safety Patrols, Student Council,  and Fitness Walking Incentive Program.  They also are able to participate in Closed Circuit Television Show, Peer Mediation, Anti-Bullying Program, Spelling Bees, Digital Four and Five Programs, Academic/Science Fair, Math Night, Summer Camp, Extended Learning Program, and YMCA and Pinewood Aftercare. We have also been awarded the opportunity to implement the 21st Century Learning Centers Program, which provides students with many opportunities to participate in learning beyond the school day.

     We look forward to serving you throughout the school year; united we will accomplish great things.


     Mrs. Kicia Daniel

     Proud Principal