Principal's Message



    Carolyn Eggelletion

    Mrs. Eggelletion



    Welcome Back Winston Park Families!

    As we begin our new school year, it is our goal to remain connected with all of you. As the Proud Principal of Winston Park, I commend all our teachers and staff in embracing this new normal with enthusiasm and perseverance. Please continue to visit our website for updated information and listen to our weekly Parent Link messages.

    Carol Dweck, the author of Growth Mindset, wrote that a growth mindset is the idea that your intelligence isn't fixed, and seeing a challenge or difficulty as an opportunity to improve and learn. People who have adopted this way of thinking believe, not that they can't do something, but that they can't do something YET!

    Transitioning back to school  has its challenges, but through a growth mindset, collaboration, and perseverance we can provide our students and families with a supportive, caring, and high-quality learning experience.

    We are here to support you and together we will make this year, "Riding the Wave to Success" a true reality!


    Mrs. Eggelletion, Principal



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