1st Grade

  • First Grade

    NO WHEELED BACKPACKS, (1) backpack to fit over chair, School box (must fit inside desk) (2) Large erasers and a pack of eraser caps, (6) Large white Glue sticks, (3) dozen pencils (#2 only) preferably Ticonderoga, (4) Boxes of crayons (24 counts), (1) 12 pk colored pencils (6) wide-ruled spiral notebooks, (2) composition notebooks (2) large boxes of tissues, Scissors, (2) pocket folders, (1) pack of copy paper, headphones for computers, (1) pkg. dry erase markers (1) box (gallon size) Ziploc bags (1) box (snack size) Ziploc bags (1) box (sandwich size) Ziploc bags (1) pkg multi-colored highlighters (1) large bottles of hand sanitizer