• Principal Rodriguez

    Determined Dolphin Family,

     I am humbled! As the proud principal of the Castle for ten years, you have blown me away! Last school year we said we can do it and WE DID IT! We have achieved the pinnacle! Sea Castle, The Beast of the East, is an A! This accomplishment is a result of our entire family. The effort put forth by our scholars, families, educators, staff, administration and all stakeholders has resulted in this accomplishment and everyone should rightfully celebrate this victory!

     As we begin our 2019-2020 school year, we are determined to exceed all that we have accomplished. This will require the entire Dolphin family to continue to be invested in our scholars. Please continue to support our students in your designated role which has resulted in this magnificent achievement.  Parents, I encourage you to be proactive by participating in our parent nights, attending SAC meetings, volunteering and staying connected to your child's education by maintaining regular communication with their teachers. By continuing to stay invested in our scholars, we are building their confidence and determination to achieve their BEST. As a staff, we will continue to foster a growth mindset environment for students to do so. I am asking that not only parents but all stakeholders do likewise.

    Dolphin Family, we have gone from challengers to champions! Maintaining this achievement will not be easy. However, as we have proven, when we unite as a family, we can do it! Please understand the significance of this accomplishment! The Castle is a special place where we truly believe everything is possible with P.R.I.D.E! Persevere with Respect, Integrity and Discipline in Everything we do! Let’s maintain our reputation as the “Beast of the East” and keep our A, 

    In the words of Muhammad Ali, “If my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it -
    then I can achieve it!”

    Educationally yours,


    Principal Rodriguez