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  • Media Specialist

    Media Specialist

    Mrs. Ashey

    "Books, technology and library resources give you somewhere to go when you have to stay where you are. Our Library Media specials class focuses on the study of literature, information skills and research. In addition, students will receive instruction in PowerPoint, Minecraft Education, coding and chess. We may not physically be in the building, but students will continue to learn and use their library Media skills.
    Parents: Be sure to complete the Digital Direct form, which will allow your child to access endless resources from the Broward County Library.  This is so valuable, now more than ever!"

    The PLE Library Media Center is a state of the art facility that houses our vast library with over 16,000 books, a computer lab with Promethean board, and a television studio (home of the WPLE Morning News Show).

    Our Media special supports the classroom curriculum by focusing on literature and research standards. All students take part in media classes that aim to create independent learners who love to read, and can access information safely and effectively to aid in their learning.



    The PLE Library Media program strives to:

    • provide quality print and electronic materials and information access for all users;
    • instill and encourage the love of reading and literature;
    • educate students on how to access information safely and effectively in all formats (locate information);
    • help students think critically about the information accessed (evaluate information); and
    • support students in using that information to create an educational product (utilize information).



    • Library Orientation
    • Care of books, materials and equipment
    • Understanding the Dewey Decimal System
    • Using the Destiny Online Catalog
    • Using BEEP (Broward Enterprise Education Portal), a digital doorway to safe and accurate educational resources. (
    • Safety using electronic and digital media.
    • Research skills using FINDS research model
    • Understanding genres and choosing books in different genres
    • Identifying and reading award winning books & authors
    • Evaluating web resources



    • Show respect.
    • Use inside voices.
    • Walk!
    • Care for books & equipment.
    • We utilize the school wide Panther Attention Signal
      • (Panthers 1- Panthers 2- Panthers 3!)



    • Media is part of the Pines Lakes Elementary special arts rotation. Every class attends one special daily, and stays in that special for at least one week.
    • Due to our rotation schedule, students do not have media weekly, and thus do not check out weekly.
    • All students check out up to three books during their media week, and are encouraged to keep them until they have media class again.
    • We encourage students to choose books they love from our collection of over 16,000 fiction and non-fiction books.
    • If a book is lost or damaged, the student is responsible for paying for the book in order to replace it. Payments can be made online; simply contact Ms. Pitaluga for more information.



    In addition to reading curriculum, our school participates in the Reading Across Broward program, which encourages students to read high quality literature!



    Fourth and fifth graders help us begin the day with panther pride on the WPLE Morning News Show. School announcements, lunch, and our word of the week are just a few highlights. Our fabulous fifth graders are the stars of the show, with fourth grade trainees coming on board towards the end of the year. Whether it’s behind the scenes, running cameras, production software, or starring as anchors or special guests, our panthers help us start the day right.



    Join us at our book fairs, where you can find AWESOME books and support our library media center! Approved volunteers are needed!

    Fall Book Fair: TBA

    Spring Book Fair: TBA



    Volunteering in the media center is a wonderful opportunity. We are looking for dedicated individuals to help with the following areas:

    • shelving books
    • must have good eyesight and be a detail-oriented person
    • alphabetical and numerical organizing
    • preparing materials for lessons
    • assisting with inventory
    • reading with children

    If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Ashey. Before volunteering, you must complete the on-line application at Get Involved. We look forward to hearing from you!


    We sincerely welcome donations to our library media center! Donations are reviewed according to the collection and development policy and must meet the same criteria as all other items. The use and/or disposal of donated items will be at the discretion of the LMS in the interest of maintaining an appropriate and balanced collection.

    Donations should meet the following criteria:

    • The offered items are within the scope of the library’s collection and their use falls within the stated library mission.
    • The library has enough time and resources to process and maintain the offered items.
    • The item does not unnecessarily duplicate materials already held.
    • The item’s condition is acceptable.
    • The library has space to store the donated items.
    • The item is supportive of the school's curriculum or interests of faculty and students and is on an appropriate elementary school academic level.